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Media Portal

The TennisViz Media Portal has been shaped to meet the evolving needs of broadcasters and commentators.

The Media Portal
The TennisViz Media Portal transforms the broadcaster's data experience, allowing them to take their audience to the next-level.
“As a commentator TennisViz provides a new depth of insight that’s easily accessible, the data provides us with real-time match analysis compartmentalising every aspect of the player’s game from defence to attack over the course of a match."
Nick Lester
Commentator & broadcaster
Cutting-edge visualisations
Tournament overview
  • Tournament status
  • Order of play
  • Live matches
  • Court schedule feature
  • Round of play filter
Insights data

A dynamic dashboard showcasing the next-gen Insights data.

Traditional statistics

Showcasing the Level 1 and 2 data in easy-to-view, colour-coded data tables.

Tracking data

Displaying the key data points from ball and player tracking (e.g., fastest / average first serve speed, topspin vs slice shots etc.)

Interactive court visualisations

Our custom-designed court graphics display the contact and landing locations for shots in all situations (serving, returning, rallying). The interactive graphics allow users to filter by the shot quality and win percentage.

*These graphics have received
unanimously positive feedback
from commentators who have
access to the TDI Portal.

Winning and losing play court visualisation

A revolutionary analysis tool which visualises shot-tracking data and identifies the specific winning and losing tactics. In a fast, complex sport like tennis, the winning plays cut through the noise and allow commentators to quickly identify the winning and losing tactics of both players.

Cutting-edge visualisations showing all tennis data

  • A dynamic dashboard showcasing the next-gen Insights data.
  • Interactive court visualisations
  • All traditional L1 & L2 statistics plus ball and player tracking data.

Elevating the use of data

We have used our expertise in tennis data to develop unique features which will transform how broadcasters use data:

  • AI Insights: Identifying the key data in the key moments.
  • Player and Tour Averages: Fundamental in creating richer data-driven narratives.
  • Score Range Filter: Creating analysis on the moments that matter.

An evolving, fully supported system

We recognise that tennis is a global sport, and broadcasters require a platform they can trust.

  • Our 24/7 customer team supports users of the TennisViz Media Portal.
  • TennisViz is committed to improving the usage of data throughout the sport
    and is committed to providing a stable, continuously developing product.
AI Insights

Our unique AI algorithm analyses all the data points during a match and identifies which are most interesting and crucial to a player’s success. Built in consultation with commentators and producers, AI Insights allow their focus to remain on the action while having the most relevant data at their fingertips.

Player and tour averages

Unique to the TennisViz portal is the ability for broadcasters to access player and tour averages for data points. This tool is crucial in elevating broadcasters’ coverage by allowing them to contextualise their analysis through benchmarking of what good and great looks like.

Score range filter

Providing broadcasters the option of tailoring their analysis to specific moments in the match. (e.g. last six games or selecting a specific score range within the match). Prior to the introduction of this tool, broadcasters were restricted to providing set or match-based analysis. The score range filter is fundamental in elevating coverage by focusing analysis on the critical moments in the match.


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