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The Hundred

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CricViz and The Hundred

The Hundred is among the most watched cricket around the world, looking to change the way cricket is perceived in the UK and across the world, and CricViz was central to the delivery of another successful competition.

CricViz’s work with the second edition of competition was activated across three key areas:

  • Professional services
  • Digital delivery
  • Content production

Digital delivery

Throughout the 2022 summer, CricViz has been collecting ball-by-ball data on every ECB-accredited fixture, taking in pre-season University matches, England Test matches and, of course, The Hundred.

This collected data powers all ECB digital platforms, most notably The Hundred app and website. This includes the scorecard and ball-by-ball coverage.

But the usage of data didn’t stop there. CricViz data powered:

  • Who Won Each Ball model (app)
  • WinViz (app and website)
  • Player ratings (app)
  • Tournament MVP (app)
  • Player statistics and competition leaders (app and website)

Content production

CricViz partnered with Sage to produce analytic driven written and social media content throughout the tournament.

As the Official Insights Partner of The Hundred, Sage were keen to position themselves as the authoritative voice of the statistical side of the competition and via media briefing packs, and detailed insights into top picks in The Hundred Fantasy Game, CricViz helped them achieve this.

CricViz also stepped in front of the camera, scripting and delivering on film helpful guides to the rules of The Hundred, aimed to help fans know who to look out for during the tournament.

Similarly, working with BBC Sport Online, CricViz produced a player rankings list as well as biographies for the top players in the tournament. This information was used by BBC Sport to produce tournament preview content telling fans which players and match-ups to look out for.

Performance Analysis

Every team in The Hundred, both men’s and women’s, was given access to CricViz’s Query Tool. Using this, team analysts had millions of data points at their fingertips to help inform vital decisions about batting orders, bowling match-ups and much more. 

Additionally, CricViz’s Freddie Wilde and Ben Jones were embedded within the Oval Invincibles and Welsh Fire camps respectively for the duration of the tournament, serving as the official team analysts. While their presence was most seen in the dugout during matches (and in team meetings as chronicled by this BBC Sport article), Wilde and Jones have been part of their teams’ set-ups for close to nine months, advising on every stage from initial retention and draft selections to live gameplans.

Offline, Northern Superchargers benefitted from access to CricViz’s extensive library of fully-automated graphics, that would generate new insights and analysis with each passing match.

Other case studies

Data Collection Services


The official data collection relationship provides the foundation for a long-term strategic partnership between the ECB and CricViz.


The Hundred

The Hundred is among the most watched cricket around the world, looking to change the way cricket is perceived worldwide.


Fox Sports

For every Australian home game, a CricViz analyst has been onsite, right in the thick of things as a key part of the broadcast team.