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Our experienced commentary box analysts work with directors, producers, graphics operators and commentators to bring the best stories and talking points to life. Our analysts:

"As commentators, we often talk about a player’s weapons and how a shot can win them matches. Now we have a way of measuring exactly how effective a specific shot is on a given day."
Lee Goodall

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Data Collection
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Broadcast & Media


Partnering with the biggest broadcasters and media worldwide. 

Broadcast products


Predictive model to determine each team’s chances of winning – two results for white ball, three results for red ball. Depending on the client, this has appeared in various different guises. The example shown above is used by Sky Sports as a left-of-frame graphic with a pie chart visualisation.

Ticker stats

Break down of comparative data points that can be displayed unobtrusively on the ticker. These make for good talking points when discussing a player’s strengths and weaknesses and can inform the viewer as to whether teams are making the correct strategic decisions during a game.

Head to head

Head to head stats can help to inform the viewer about key matchups and tell stories around whether a batter or bowler has outperformed their direct opponent in historical battles. Can be used in various forms such as a full framer, or simply on the ticker.

Batter by bowler types

Batter’s breakdown of either average or strike rate v bowler types. Based on historical data, this helps illustrate a batter’s strengths against certain bowler types and can inform viewers which bowler would be the best or worst option.

Bowling options

Graphic to display the quality of the captain’s bowling options to a specific batter, based on historical data. This graphic is an effective way of showing data without overloading the screen with numbers. The red and green colours are determined by underlying data but the story is told in an accessible and easy-to-understand way.

Fielding data

Information on a player’s positive or negative fielding contribution to their team. With every fielding action logged, we are able to determine exactly how much a fielder has gained or cost his team in the field.

Catch efficiency

Tournament data on how successful teams have been when catching. The number is calculated by finding the percentage of chances successfully taken. Data that builds up over the course of a tournament helps to show which teams have been the best in the field.

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Content creation for the media

CricViz writers have been published in some of the most prestigious publications in the cricketing media landscape. From Wisden Cricket Monthly in the UK to the Hindustan Times in India, more and more media outlets are placing a greater focus on data-driven writing to help tell compelling stories. Using our in-house comprehensive database, CricViz’s talented writers have repeatedly been able to dig deep to find the story beneath the surface, to enhance the written coverage of print publications and websites alike.

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Insight support

The insight support service is available to media and broadcast outlets around the world. The service includes answering analytical requests from journalists, producers or commentators who want to enhance the story they are telling with CricViz data. This analysis is regularly featured in the pages of The Telegraph in the UK, the Hindustan Times in India, as well as the websites of the likes of BBC and Sky Sports.


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Providing live expert analysis for broadcasters

For every Australian home game, a CricViz analyst has been on site, right in the thick of things as a key part of the broadcast team. 

Our relationship with CricViz has given great depth to our coverage. The insight of their analysts, their enormous database and the familiar visualisations has armed our team of cricket writers with new knowledge and given readers a different perspective.
Nick Hoult
Chief Cricket Correspondent, The Telegraph

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Data Collection Services


The official data collection relationship provides the foundation for a long-term strategic partnership between the ECB and CricViz.
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The Hundred

The Hundred is among the most watched cricket around the world, looking to change the way cricket is perceived worldwide.

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