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About TennisViz Insights

What are TennisViz Insights?

TennisViz Insights is a collection of performance metrics that enhance our sport’s understanding and interest.

Tennis has long survived on score-based data recorded by the umpire (level 1) and the limited data points collected by court-side charters in real-time. (e.g., the number of shots in the point). These two data sources are the basis on which ‘traditional statistics’ (e.g., breakpoints won) have been created. However, traditional statistics are often a function of winning and do not explain how or why a player has been successful.

Tennis desperately required a set of performance metrics to enhance the understanding and interest in the sport. This could only be achieved by creating automated AI software, which could unlock the huge potential within the ball and player tracking data.

How do TennisViz Insights differ from traditional data?

For example, whether the player is attacking or defending, their patterns of play, and the quality of every shot hit.

TennisViz Insights analyse every shot of a match, as opposed to traditional statistics, which are based on the first and winners).

All TennisViz metrics can be compared to a player’s average or tour average, highlighting where a player’s strengths and weaknesses are.

The TennisViz metrics calculate the probability of winning based on their level of performance.

The TennisViz Insights identify the single most relevant data point in the critical moment instead of showing the same statistics at the end of each set.

How do we create TennisViz Insights?

TennisViz’s automated AI software processes ball and player tracking data in real-time to calculate five key derived data points for every shot played. This data provides the foundation on which our team of data scientists and tennis experts have created a collection of innovative performance metrics known as TennisViz Insights.

Derived Data:

What are the TennisViz Insights?